Unlock regional bioenergy potential with the Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone Self Assessment Toolkit (BDOSAT)

Ready to tap into the trillion-dollar bioenergy sector?

Clean energy markets are booming with trillions in capital for the energy transition– and project developers worldwide are looking for new places to build bioenergy plants.

BDO Zone ratings signal your region’s readiness for bio-project development, build global partnerships, and create new clean energy opportunities.

BDOSAT is a powerful online tool that empowers communities, corporations, and governments to assess regional readiness for new biomass-based manufacturing plants.

Get a preliminary opinion on a BDO Zone rating outcome for your region, fast. And take the first step towards a sustainable, prosperous future.

What is your BDO Zone rating outcome likely to be?

BDO Zones are recognized as among the best places in the world to locate new bio-based plants. BDO Zone ratings certify regional readiness for bioenergy manufacturing, create global connections with project developers, and ignite an influx of clean energy project opportunities.

But is a BDO Zone rating right for your community?

BDOSAT helps gauge regional readiness to host new biomass-based manufacturing plants. It provides a high-level opinion on your potential BDO Zone rating.

From ‘AAA’ to ‘C’, every rating speaks volumes about a region’s potential. Higher ratings enable economic developers to more effectively leverage local biomass assets, attract new project opportunities, and create jobs.

Are you ready?

Take the first step towards tapping into the trillion-dollar clean energy economy with BDOSAT now.

How BDOSAT Works


Answer questions about biomass availability and infrastructure

The questionnaire takes 10 to 15 minutes and is multiple choice. It is designed to be answered by non-experts. Simply select the answer that best fits with what you know.

Get your BDO Zone rating opinion

BDO SAT uses a ratings algorithm to generate a BDO Zone rating opinion for your region. It will also show regional strengths and weaknesses for bio-based development.

If your rating opinion is ‘BB’ or better, then your region may be a prime candidate for new bioenergy project development. A BDO Zone rating help attract new clean energy projects to your region.


Ready to see how ready your region is for new bioenergy development?


Many communities have heard about BDO Zone ratings as a means to help attract new bio-based facilities but they are unsure about what their outcome might be.

BDOSAT solves this problem by providing a high-level opinion of the BDO Zone rating level a region would likely receive: “Investment grade” is capital market shorthand for BDO Zone rating categories “AAA+” to “BBB-”. “Speculative grade” refers to “BB+” to “C-”.

Investment grade BDO Zone ratings are particularly attractive to bio-based development, with higher ratings carrying more weight.

Users that receive an investment grade level opinion may decide to pursue a full BDO Zone rating.

BDOSAT provides a pre-assessment of your local biomass supply chain infrastructure, resources, and assesses regional strengths and weaknesses for bio-based project development. While it’s not a BDO Zone rating, it helps you make an informed decision about pursuing one.

A BDO Zone rating is a technical risk assessment of biomass feedstock, supply chain, and infrastructure attributes of a region with respect to the feasibility and development potential of new biofuel, renewable chemical, biogas or bioproduct manufacturing plants.

BDOSAT will provide users with an opinion of the approximate grade of a potential BDO Zone rating. BDOSAT will provide an estimate of the rating outcome between three different rating levels (i.e., AA-A-BBB or A-BBB-BB). Users that receive a ratings opinion higher than “investment grade” or BBB may decide to proceed to a full BDO Zone rating.

BDO Zone ratings are project development “bulls-eyes” for new bio-based plants. Ratings enable economic developers to credibly signal and promote key local biomass supply chain “success” characteristics to biobased developers and investors around the world.

A BDO Zone rating sends a clear and powerful signal to developers and investors worldwide, indicating that your region is ‘shovel-ready’ for bio-based development. ‘AAA’, ‘AA’, ‘A’ and ‘BBB’ ratings put an internationally recognized, credible “bulls-eye” on the best areas in the country to build and operate new bio-based manufacturing plants.

“Investment grade” is capital market shorthand for BDO Zone Rating categories “AAA+” to “BBB-”. “Speculative grade” refers to “BB+” to “C-”. Investment grade BDO Zone ratings are particularly attractive to bio-based development, with higher ratings carrying more weight.

While a ratings opinion is not a guarantee of a BDO Zone rating, BDOSAT users that receive a BB grade level rating opinion are encouraged to contact [email protected] in order to inquire about the details of a full BDO Zone rating.

The BDOSAT questionnaire will take between 10 and 20 minutes. The ratings opinion will be generated immediately upon completion.

A low ratings opinion indicates structural deficiencies in the regional supply chain or local infrastructure for bio-based development. There are often issues that can be addressed to improve suitability for bio-based development and therefore improve a BDO Zone rating. We will be happy to go over your ratings opinion in detail to discuss the viability of a ratings upgrade. Please contact [email protected].

Rating cost depends on a number of different factors. The BDO Zone Initiative’s business development team is responsible for determining rating cost. Please contact [email protected].

Contact [email protected]. We can help you decide if a BDO Zone rating is right for you.